A (R)evolution in Laundry

Finally, a quick and easy way to move your laundry.

Laundry Turtle is an Instant Solution for dropped laundry and lost socks.

How Does the Laundry Turtle Work?

Here is a quick demo for you

Grab your Laundry Turtle

Remove the protective cover

Hold the edge to open it away from your face 

Place it in the washing machine or dryer

Rotate to gather all the laundry into the basket

Sandwhich the clothes by putting the two ends of the basket together 

Tired of messy laundry all over your floor?

Are you still bear hugging wet clothes to move them from the washer to dryer?

Do you hate when your clean clothes end up on the ground?

Is constantly searching for the missing sock driving you crazy?

Why Laundry Turtle 
 Will Lighten Your Load 


Save time by collecting all your laundry at once and without straining from the weight of wet clothes. 


Move your laundry from washer to dryer to drawers without losing anything, including socks!


Collapse the Laundry Turtle when not in use and save space until your next load.

3 Super Easy

Steps to Collapse…

With the Laundry Turtle  empty, hold the rim with one thumb up and one thump down at two ends.

Simply twist the basket while closing it to create 3 loops that fold together.
Note: no force required.

Slip into protective cover

Check Out How Simple it is to

Close the Laundry Turtle

Laundry Turtle is super easy to use, saves space, and gives you the mobility to move your laundry from washer to dryer to drawers without leaving a trail of lost clothes along the way.

Laundry Turtle works for any front loading washer and dryer









and many more…

 Two sizes fit every type of front loader

Let’s hear some of the success stories

The Laundry Turtle is a great invention, there is nothing on the market today like it. It helps a lot, especially if you are in a hurry. I don’t need to struggle anymore, have to “hug” all the clothes out of the dryer, or  transfer each item from the washer to the dryer. It speeds up and simplifies the whole process. 

Ricardo Almeida

A simple and super efficient solution. Very happy with the purchase. Makes my life easier. Recommended

Erminio Mendes

It folds up and stays on top of the washer in our apartment. It’s perfect! I never imagined that I would find a product with this practicality.

Emily M.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does it work for all laundry machines?

Laundry Turtle works only with front loading machines.

Is it really that simple?

Yes. This product was created with simplicity in mind. No more clothes on the floor, items lost between machines, or M.I.A. single socks. 

Why is the product called Laundry Turtle?

While the Laundry Turtle does look like a turtle when opened, the name is actually in honor of my mother, who I affectionately call, “Little Turtle.”

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