Let’s hear some of the success stories

  • Doing laundry is easier now!

    The product was exactly as advertised. Came on time and the material is very good.
    This is probably one of the best laundry creations. Just tested and it actually works.
    Also, it came with a mesh laundry bag for delicate clothes, which is a plus. Would definitely recommend it.

  • Just buy it!

    After you switch from wash to dry you’ll already be convinced but then… you take your dry load to the bed with it like a haply little turtle basket! Love live love this thing, so simple, so right! Just. Buy. It.
    I’m adult enough that it makes it back to the laundry room too! So there. Just buy it already, I promise you, it can happen 😉

  • Pretty cool!!

    This is pretty cool. Place on top of your clothes and rotate the drum of the washer or dryer and voila all of your clothes are contained and it's much easier to transport from the washer to the dryer and from the dryer to wherever you're going to fold your clothes.

  • This Turtle Dryer Grabber saves my back!

    This pop up hamper clothes in the dryer thingy is FANTASTIC!Just lay it on top of the clothes in the dryer, spin the drum so the clothes are in top of turtle, then grab the handles and pull the clothes out! I got 99% of a full load of laundry at first grab . I have HE machines with large capacity, so I got the Large Turtle. Highly recommend!


Save time by collecting all your laundry at once and without straining from the weight of wet clothes. 


Move your laundry from washer to dryer to drawers without losing anything, including socks!


Collapse the Laundry Turtle when not in use and save space until your next load.