Laundry Turtle

Laundry Turtle


Eric Mendes watched his mom struggle with laundry in their tiny home and said, "Enough!"

The Laundry Turtle is an innovation that uses a patented flexible laundry device that can be inserted into the laundry or drying machine and molds itself inside so no laundry goes uncollected.

In a world where every minute counts and smart home innovations are trending, Vancouver-based Laundry Turtle introduces a groundbreaking approach to one of the most time-consuming household tasks: laundry. The Laundry Turtle hamper, conceived by entrepreneur Eric Mendes, promises to revolutionize laundry day with its innovative design, ease of use, and a heartfelt story of family inspiration.

A Family-Inspired Solution to Laundry Day Challenges

Laundry Turtle's journey began in the compact living spaces of Vancouver, where Mendes witnessed first-hand the daily struggle of managing laundry. Inspired by his mother, affectionately nicknamed "Little Turtle," Mendes set out to create a product that would alleviate the physical burden of laundry chores while infusing the process with love and care.

Innovative Design Meets Practicality
The Laundry Turtle Basket stands out for its unique features designed to simplify laundry tasks:

Innovative Design: Facilitates efficient transfer and gathering of laundry, minimizing effort.

High-Quality Material: Made from durable, premium polyester to withstand the rigors of daily use and reduce static cling.

Space Efficiency: Its collapsible design effortlessly transforms into a compact bag for convenient storage, making it an ideal solution for small spaces.

Back-Friendly: Designed to reduce the need for bending and reaching, it is especially beneficial for individuals with mobility concerns.

Media Recognition and Consumer Acclaim

Laundry Turtle has captured the attention of major publications and media outlets, including Vice, 12news, Yahoo Life, Reader's Digest, The US Sun, Today, Buzzfeed, Daily Mail, and Zip Tv Show (Japan) and many influencers, heralding it as a must-have innovation for modern households. Users rave about its convenience, durability, and game-changing design, making laundry day more manageable and less of a chore.

A Commitment to Innovation and Family Values

At its core, Laundry Turtle is more than a product; it's a testament to the power of innovation driven by compassion. "We wanted to offer a solution that not only simplifies laundry day but also brings a sense of familial care to the household," says Mendes. "Laundry Turtle is a tribute to my mother and to families everywhere looking for a better way to tackle laundry."

Available Now
The Laundry Turtle Basket is available for purchase online, inviting customers to experience a new level of convenience and efficiency in laundry management. With plans to expand the product line, Laundry Turtle is poised to continue its mission of transforming everyday chores into simple, enjoyable tasks.
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